Ticket price by month for 2021

Abu Dhabi — Amman Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer

Month One-way Round-trip
May 16.05.2021 Search 16.05.2021 24.05.2021 Search
June 01.06.2021 from 1149 AED 25.06.2021 30.06.2021 from 2877 AED
July 16.07.2021 from 1577 AED 22.07.2021 26.08.2021 from 1273 AED
August 01.08.2021 from 1081 AED 13.08.2021 11.09.2021 from 1392 AED
September 01.09.2021 Search 01.09.2021 30.10.2021 from 1212 AED
October 01.10.2021 Search 01.10.2021 09.10.2021 Search
November 01.11.2021 Search 01.11.2021 09.11.2021 Search
December 01.12.2021 Search 01.12.2021 09.12.2021 Search
January 01.01.2022 Search 01.01.2022 09.01.2022 Search
February 21.02.2022 from 510 AED 01.02.2022 09.02.2022 Search
March 01.03.2022 from 2294 AED 01.03.2022 09.03.2022 Search
April 01.04.2022 Search 01.04.2022 09.04.2022 Search
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer

The cheapest Abu Dhabi–Amman flight ticket found by our users: ticket from the Wizz Air Abu Dhabi airline, departure 21.02.2022, and price from 510 AED Find ticket

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